Nicolas Bary distinguished himself as a director and screenwriter thanks to a modern visual and narrative style that serve cinema as well as advertising. 

James Bort is a photographer and director. He regularly collaborates with the most prestigious names in couture, jewelry and watchmaking for which he directs films and ad campaigns.

In truns director, photographer and director of photography, twentytwo has developped an elegant and meticulous style with he uses to service renowned fashion brands and popular TV shows.

Alexis Michalik is an actor, an author and an award-winning film and stage director, with three Molières awards for his acclaimed plays "Le porteur d'histoires" and "Le cercle des illusionistes".

Author, composer and director Mathias Malzieu is a well-rounded artist that created a powerful, original and dreamlike world.

In turns set designer, architect and director French-Beninese Marc Johnson received the LVMH Young Artist Award for his visual work.

Deriving from the world of comic books, Michaêl Terraz builds bridges between cinema, photography and graphic design, following only one rule: to create new worlds!