Short Film Award In Cannes Film Festival


As an Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival for over 25 years, L'Oréal Paris has always been a feminist brand, particularly in the film industry thanks to its privileged relationship with emblematic actresses who embody the brand's values.

Thanks to the flexibility of its format, the short film has long been considered to reflect the future of cinema. With this new programme, L'Oréal Paris is taking its feminist commitment one step further: by supporting them with funding, the brand wants to help young women directors overcome the obstacles that will stand in their way and encourage them to follow through on their creative ambitions.

Portraits of the writter/director Aleksandra Odić. This portrait aims to highlight the subject of the film, to share Aleksandra's vision, and to understand her approach as a filmmaker. We therefore accompanied Aleksandra for a day in order to see, bring out and share her personality. We also conducted an interview with Aleksandra on camera in order to gather her vision.

SYNOPSIS : The meeting between a young nurse and her patient of the same age, Frida, on the borderline between professional distance and the desire to get closer.

Written and directed by : Aleksandra Odić

Cast : Vicky Krieps / Aenne Schwarz

Director of Photography : Albrecht von Grünhagen

1.Ad : Yann-Eryl Mer

Editor : Andrea Schönherr

Sound Design : Julian Cropp

Sound Engineer : Alberto Sanchez Nue

Music : Micha Kaplan

Set Design : Daniel Witt

Costume : Anna Soeder

Make-Up : Manuela Zabatta

Casting : Simone Bär

Producer : Stanislav Danylyshyn

Executive Producer : Myriam Eichler

Production : German Film and Television / Academy Berlin (DFFB)